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Help Michael Crabtree name his new end zone dance to help charity

We take a look at a charitable idea by 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Michael Crabtree is joining up with video-game maker Ubisoft, makers of "The Hip Hop Dance Experience", to develop a new end zone dance that will help benefit the Boys & Girls Club. I get emails about different charitable and marketing ideas, and this is certainly one of the more unique ideas. Ubisoft has already enlisted LeSean McCoy and Von Miller in their cause.

In the video above you can see what appears to be the dance that Crabtree will be performing after touchdowns the rest of the season. Each time Crabtree uses the dance, Ubisoft will make a $1,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club. So, basically, we want to see Michael Crabtree scoring more frequently. I think most of us can probably get behind that proposition.

In the meantime, Crabtree is looking for a name for the end zone dance. You can tweet suggestions to him @kingcrab15 and he'll pick from those.