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Fantasy Football Week 10 Sit/Start Advice: 49ers vs. Rams

Neither the 49ers or the Rams have much to offer this week for fantasy teams, but there are a few gems to be found. This article looks at 3 players to start and 3 to sit in Week 10.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

How come I never get earworms from songs I love? All it took was one mention of Thin Lizzy and "The Boy's Are Back In Town" has been lodged deep in my brain for the last 3 days. At least the song is relevant for this week's matchup against the Rams. After a great showing against Arizona and week off the Niners are back home looking to keep the offense rolling.

The Rams have the talent to win games, but their offensive line limits what Sam Bradford and company can achieve. Wide receivers Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens are emerging as solid fantasy options, but they will be going against a stellar pass defense this week. The Niners should be able to move the ball against a St. Louis defense that ranks about right in the middle in terms of defending the run and the pass. Here are 3 players I like this week and 3 I would avoid, if possible.

3 Up

Frank Gore

Gore ran well against Arizona, but Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss stole the show with great YAC receptions. The underrated Rams defense will hold their own for the first half, but look for Gore to break a few long ones in the final moments.

Final Line: 90 yards, 3 receptions for 20 yards, 1 TD

Danny Amendola

Amendolamite is a PPR dreamboat. Bradford's favorite target will probably get over 10 targets this week and is the only St. Louis wideout I have any faith starting in 12 team leagues. There are going to be a lot of passing downs and garbage time for the Rams (I hope). If you held on to NFC's Wes Welker get him back in your lineups.

Final Line: 7 receptions for 100 yards

Vernon Davis

I know Vernon has been the focus of opposing offenses the last few weeks. I also know that Gronkowski obliterated this defense 2 weeks ago. The Rams pass defense is no joke, but I don't think they can cap Davis the entire game. Sooner or later Alex finds him for a very Vernon like play.

Final Line: 4 receptions for 75 yards, 1 TD

3 Down

Sam Bradford

He gets Amendola back which helps his chances, but I don't think this offensive line holds up. He also hasn't played up to the competition this year. Check out his games against other top pass defenses (Seattle and Chicago) and you'll notice two lackluster performances. Sam is still a work in progress, so owners of Rodgers and Robert Griffin need to look elsewhere. May I suggest Ryan Tannenhill or Blain Gabbert?

Final Line: 200 yards passing. 1TD. 2 INTs

Alex Smith

It took me a few hours and a few drinks to figure out which Niner to put in this column. I flirted with the idea of adding Michael Crabtree who might see a lot of Cortland "Head Game Master" Finnegan, but I think Crabs can exploit that matchup. I'm thinking the ground game will be utilized more than the passing attack Sunday. I don't expect Alex to have a horrible day, but I think he falls short of his standard line and you can find better fantasy QB for week 10.

Final Line: 200 yards passing, 25 yards rushing, 1TD

Steven Jackson

Sjax my heart goes out to you, man. You carried this team on your back for years and it appears your time with the Rams is coming to an end. If your offensive line could open a few holes, if you could break big runs on the edges, if I hadn't drafted you as my RB 1 in one league. A lot of "ifs", but few fantasy points at this stage. Sadly, I don't see things breaking for you this week.

Final Line: 50 yards rushing, 2 receptions for 15 yards, and hell why not a TD for good've earned it.

Wild Card:

Kendall Hunter

Hunter is comfortably planted into the backup rusher role. Given Gore's injury history many of us expected he could have seen a start or two by now, but thankfully Frank has remained relatively healthy. Until we see Brandon Jacobs actually get a carry, Hunter is worth a start in 14-team and deeper leagues. If you are digging for a deep flex player I like Hunter better than fellow handcuffs like Michael Bush, D'Angelo Williams or whoever is spelling Arian Foster this week.

Final Line: 60 yards rushing. 2 receptions for 20 yards.

Which 3 49ers do you think have the biggest fantasy games this week?