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Thursday Night Football open thread: Colts vs. Jaguars

We take a look at Week 10 Thursday Night Football and open a thread for discussion.

Gregory Shamus

The Jaguars host the Colts to start Week 10 in a game that has little bearing on the 49ers. There is of course always the chance the 49ers and Colts meet up in the Super Bowl and we can look back on this game as a scouting tool.

I think the more likely value in this game is Panthers Watch 2012! The Panthers beat the Redskins last week to climb to 2-6. They now sit behind the Chiefs, Jaguars and Browns in 2013 NFL Draft order. It's only a few spots in the third round, but every move up is a gain in value.

Of course, I don't think the Colts have much of a chance. Barring a turn for the worse, I am not really inclined to pick against them for the foreseeable future. After watching Chuck Pagano's emotional post-game speech last week, followed by a lot of the team electing to shave their heads this week, I don't see how you wager money against them. I'll have my full picks tomorrow, but I will take the Colts to cover 4 1/2 tonight. I realize they are a long-shot to win the Super Bowl, and they probably will not win it, but until they are eliminated, they've got some emotional momentum on their side.