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49ers unveil photo gallery of current progress on Santa Clara stadium

We take a look at some construction pictures of the 49ers Santa Clara stadium project.

A look at the 49ers new Santa Clara stadium as of early November 2012
A look at the 49ers new Santa Clara stadium as of early November 2012
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The San Francisco 49ers unveiled a photo gallery showing some pictures of the Santa Clara stadium. The construction project is moving along at a rapid pace and remains on time for opening in 2014. Heading into November, installation of steel was 60% complete as the shell of the stadium progresses along. The picture above is from the photo gallery, which includes aerial pictures taken on November 8, 2012.

The 49ers are in the midst of their Super Bowl bid for Super Bowl L following the 2015 season. The 49ers stadium would be open two full regular seasons by that point, which I believe is a requirement to get the Super Bowl. San Francisco is competing with Miami/South Florida for the Super Bowl.

Although the Super Bowl would be in Santa Clara, San Francisco would be considered the "host" city. A decision is expected next spring during owners' meetings, potentially in May. As long as the stadium is on its necessary timeline in May, I have to think San Francisco would be the favorite to host the 50th version of the NFL's biggest game. We'll have to wait and see, but the current state of progress would seem to be a good sign.