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UPDATE: Brandon Jacobs reportedly suspended by 49ers

We break down the news that Brandon Jacobs is reportedly no longer a 49er.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Fooch's Update: Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows are tweeting he was suspended for final three games of regular season

We're waiting for some confirmation from other sources, but according to CBS Sports' Kyle Bonagura, Brandon Jacobs is no longer with the 49ers.

If this proves true, I think we can best describe this as something like the "bizarro Braylon Edwards". If this move happened, it is not particularly surprising in light of Jim Harbaugh's no comment earlier today. Whatever the case, we'll wait and see what kind of roster move accompanies this.

The LaMichael James/Anthony Dixon backup era is at hand. Long live LaMIchael James and Anthony Dixon.

Update from Matt Maiocco: