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Who should the 49ers sign to replace Brandon Jacobs?

The release of Brandon Jacobs by the San Francisco 49ers opened up a roster spot. We discuss who the team should look to sign.

Justin Edmonds

On Monday evening, the 49ers revealed the indefinite suspension of running back Brandon Jacobs.

Though the team did not officially give a reason for the decision, the presumable explanation would be conduct detrimental to the team. For one reason or another, Jacobs could not pry himself away from Twitter, bashing the 49ers and his "boss" publically.

Well, in most jobs, that would get you fired. The team felt an authoritative decision was necessary and they made one. The three-game suspension of Jacobs will open a roster spot on San Francisco.

Late in the season, preparing for the playoffs, San Francisco may want to turn this negative into a positive by bringing someone of value in. San Francisco could look to the available free agents in the coming days.

The 49ers might want to bring in a pass rusher. Either Ray Edwards or Travis LaBoy would be interesting signings. Edwards worked out with the team after being released from the Falcons and the Niners could use him.

LaBoy is an ex-49er and was pretty good at getting after the QB. He would also be able to contribute on special teams if need be. Edwards and LaBoy would also make sense considering the team lost Demarcus Dobbs.

There are probably a select few that would raise the thought, "What about Chad Johnson?" Sure, he’d be available at the league minimum and would provide depth, but truthfully, he doesn’t offer anything more than A.J. Jenkins who is still waiting his turn.

For so many reasons, I am a supporter of Rock Cartwright. The 49ers wanted Jacobs for insurance purposes, but apparently that did not work out. They may be inclined to sign another running back, and if you recall the offseason, the competition between Cartwright and Anthony Dixon was a close one.

Moreover, San Francisco’s special teams unit has been less than stellar all year. Perhaps it was the departure of Blake Costanzo or just a natural regression, but they haven’t been the same.

Even after not making the final cut, Cartwright has stayed in touch with the 49ers players and fan base via Twitter. He would bring a lot of energy, has veteran experience and is familiar with this team. In my opinion, Cartwright is the best possible signing San Francisco can make to replace the disgruntled Jacobs.

Cartwright would certainly make the most of his opportunity.

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