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Caplan: 49ers bring in LB Matt McCoy for physical

We break down the news that the 49ers are reportedly bringing in Matt McCoy for a physical.

Chris McGrath

Adam Caplan is reporting that the 49ers have brought in linebacker Matt McCoy for a physical, and would likely sign him if said physical goes well. This is particularly pertinent because McCoy was released in September by the Seahawks with an injury settlement. McCoy suffered a serious knee injury last season and was unable to bounce back from it earlier this season.

The 49ers have an open roster spot following the suspension of Brandon Jacobs. Demarcus Dobb's knee injury and Tavares Gooden's rib injury likely means the team is looking to fill the roster spot with somebody who can provide some added special teams depth. According to Rotoworld, McCoy was the Seahawks leading special teams tackler since signing in 2010.

Although any absence of Dobbs does hurt defensive line depth, he had gotten fairly limited defensive snaps this season. His value was as a special teams player, leading the team in ST snaps every week he was active. If the 49ers do sign McCoy, this would likely indicate Dobbs will miss at least one game, if not more. Dobbs injured his knee on a defensive play, and after the game, Coach Harbaugh indicated he thought the team had dodged a bullet. The team has not provided MRI results, so we'll wait and see how long Dobbs will be absent.