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This Week in Niners Nation: Week 15 2012 Edition

This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. The 49ers bounced back from their loss to the Rams with a victory over the Dolphins. They beat them in all phases of the game but waited until the end to put Miami away. A brutal road trip to New England and Seattle awaits.


This last week had a sort of purgatory feel to it. We needed to clear the bad mojo of the Rams loss, but beating Miami at home isn't exactly the way to do it. They needed to win, but had to be looking ahead to the season-defining road trip to New England and Seattle. The Dolphins put up a good fight and cemented their place, in my mind at least, as an up-and-coming team. They kept the game close through the first half before committing the only turnover of the game, muffing a punt and giving the ball to the 49ers at the 9-yard line. Frank Gore put it in the end zone with a franchise record-tying 50th career rushing touchdown. The Dolphins managed to hang in until the final minutes, when Colin Kaepernick scored on a 50-yard run on a read option to give the Niners a two touchdown lead.

I fell off my bike on the way home from work today. It's OK, but my wrist is sore, it hurts a bit to write and I don't have much of a sense of humor. So you're getting a TWiNN Lite tonight and I apologize to all my adoring fans.

Week 14: 49ers 27, Dolphins 13

Fooch leads us off with his recap and video breakdown of the victory. He notes how explosive LaMichael James looked in his debut. I have to say it's something I've been dying to see all season long. I was a bit shocked when they drafted him, but shock instantly turned to excitement. | 49ers vs Dolphins recap video: Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, LaMichael James, oh my! (Fooch)

Who likes Frank Gore GIFs? Raise your hands! There's the obvious GIF of his touchdown, but how about him totally juking, psyching, breaking the ankles of poor defenseless defensive lineman Paul Soliai on his first-quarter 19-yard reception. It's like Tim Hardaway crossing over the Three Stooges or something. Gore in the open field against a DL is a mismatch of comical proportions. | Frank Gore: The legend continues in 49ers win over Dolphins (Fooch)

What are the odds of Aldon Smith breaking Michael Strahan's single-season sack record of 22.5? I say they're pretty good. He needs three sacks with three games to go. New England does a decent job of protecting Tom Brady, but we still play Arizona who have a turnstile style line. Everyone passes through. | Aldon Smith moves past Fred Dean for 49ers sack record, aims for Michael Strahan, NFL record (Fooch)

There's 99 reasons to read Anthony Ly's 'Booth Review' piece. If you need just one, it's for the Donte Whitner WWF slam of Reggie Bush GIF. He seems to be saying, "that's for dating Kim Kardashian. She's Kanye's," or "that's for messing up USC," or simply, "that's for playing the 49ers! BLAM! | The booth review - 49ers vs Dolphins: "Gore guts the 'Phins" (Ly)

Tre9er has some notes from the Dolphins game. I won't spoil them all, but he notes how effective Michael Crabtree is after the catch. He's excelling in the YAC department and the 3rd down, drive-extending catch department, two departments in which excellence translates into victories. | 49ers vs Dolphins: Notes from re-watching the game (Tre9er)

Week 15: 49ers at New England

What's the most intriguing matchup of the 49ers vs Patriots primetime tilt? Dylan DeSimone proposes that it is Coach Bill "Private Eyes are Watching You" Belichick vs Jim "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" Harbaugh. It's going to be one for the ages, and a good thing about hurting your wrist is missing work on Monday morning, perfect in Australia for watching 'footy'. | Jim Harbaugh, Bill Belichick, and undertones in Week 15 (DeSimone)

Want to know what Tom Brady and Coach Belichick have to say about the 49ers? I thought you might. Dylan brings us some highlights from their recent interviews on the topic of Week 15. | Tom Brady and Bill Belichick talk about the 49ers (DeSimone)

Tom Brady to Randy Moss was one of the greatest combinations in my football memory. It didn't last long, but when the two were on the top of their game in 2007, they rivalled any in the history of the League. Here's a recap of Moss' time in New England and his ugly exit. | Randy Moss returns to New England, with a vengeance (DeSimone)

Hot Topics

This could be a brutal combo for the next however many years: Kaepernick and James and the read-option. Like Stockton to Malone on the pick and roll. Like Tinkers to Evers to Chance. You remember Kendall Hunter's score against the Bears, where the safety followed Kaepernick around the end before noticing Hunter had the ball. Imagine if Hunter was faster than a meth-smoking cheetah. | Colin Kaepernick, LaMichael James and the read-option (DeSimone)

And Brandon Jacobs finally secured his exit from the team. He was running his mouth off on Twitter and Instagram, traditional sources for disgruntled, over-the-hill running backs since man hunted wooly mammoths from the back of saddled sabre-tooth tigers. He's been suspended for the rest of the season. Who will the 49ers replace him with? LaMichael James moved up the depth chart, but do we need more? | Who should 49ers sign to replace Brandon Jacobs (DeSimone)

Here's a topic for discussion: What does the team do with Alex Smith now that he's no longer the quarterback of the present? What can we get for him on the trade market? How much would we save if we cut him? Well, we've got some answers here. | Alex Smith contract: Trade, release, other? (Hurley)

Diamond, full-house pistol, it what you like. It's the newest wrinkle in a wrinkly offense. Here's some stats on the offensive formations the 49ers lined up in and a bit of a info on the new formation. | Colin Kaepernick and the 'bug-eye', 'diamond', 'full house pistol' (Fooch)

Expanding the playoffs! What?!?! Do you want all sorts of 7-9 teams backing into the playoffs? Every year there is at least one team that everyone knows has no business being in the postseason. Why make it three teams? Wes Hanson has some words for the Commish, who is famous for listening to outside, differing opinions. | Expanding the playoff pool is a bad idea (Wes Hanson)

The 49ers' offensive line is playing at a high level this season, Week 14 aside. Mike Iupati might be the one who's progressed the most and will garner serious consideration for postseason accolades. He is also the 49ers' most-penalized offensive lineman with 9 flags. Alex Boone, on the other hand, has only two. Hmmm. | Mike Iupati playing well, but is 49ers' most-penalized offensive lineman (Brady)


Here's the winning FanPost for being the most rec'd. It's by Gold Company and is an homage to Sean Taylor on the anniversary of his passing. It's well written and I have to say, I was disturbed when his murder happened. It was 2007 and I lived in the States for 4 months (I've lived in the US for a total of a year over the last 10 years) while saving money to go to Australia, to see my girlfriend (future-wife....that's to say I would go on to marry her, not that she is from the future, although we are 19 hours ahead of you...). It was football season and I was living in Oakland after having lived in Barcelona for five years. I was really taken aback by the amount of violence in America and each time I return to Oakland I'm still bothered by it. It's startling...Australia has 22 million people and about 300 murders a year, while Oakland has 400k with about 150 murders. Sorry to highjack your award ceremony Gold Company, a la Kanye (two references to a rapper I don't even like) but the story brought up some memories and the senseless violence in America saddens me whenever I return. I'll get down from my soapbox. | Sean Taylor, Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner (Gold Company)

Here's to using advanced stats to name Colin Kaepernick the most clutch. I love it. It also stirred up a good conversation so I give nickbradley 2nd prize at the State Fair. | Is Colin Kaepernick the most Clutch quarterback in the NFL? (nickbradley)

Where will Alex Smith end up if he's not going to start for the Niners? Here's a FanPost that deals with the topic and uses some mystery tweets to stir up the pot. 3rd place to Neekk. | The Cardinals and Cowboys talk "Alex Smith" (Neekk)

Speaking of Twitter, here's my handle. I'm only dealing with the 49ers on it. Basically, my stories from NN and Bay Area SB Nation will go out on it, but I'm also sending out info I dig up while researching the articles and doing the Nuggets. I'm not breaking any news, just sifting it a bit and offering a few opinions. Follow if you dare.

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