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49ers vs. Patriots gameday inactives: Rob Gronkowski, Mario Manningham out

We take a look at the gameday inactives for the San Francisco 49ers' matchup against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Ezra Shaw

We're just about an hour out from the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, and both teams have announced their inactives for the day. Keep in mind the 49ers only need to designate six inactives, as their roster sits at 52 players with all that's happened to Brandon Jacobs. The Patriots also happen to be at 52 players, so only have six as well.

Of particular note for the 49ers is, of course, the absence of wide receiver Mario Manningham. He misses his second-straight game with injury, and that means rookie first round pick A.J. Jenkins is active. That's not guarantee that Jenkins will receive playing time, but he was in on a few plays against the Miami Dolphins last week, though he was not targeted.

Jim Harbaugh is adamant that Jenkins was wide open on one play, but Colin Kaepernick did not see him. So there's that.

Coming into Sunday, the Patriots went ahead and listed about half the team as questionable, as is the Bill Belichick way. The biggest thing to note is that tight end Rob Gronkowski is inactive for the game. That was mostly expected, but there was some thought that Gronkowski was going to convince the team to let him play. Instead, the Patriots will err on the side of caution.

49ers Inactives: Mario Manningham, Tavares Gooden, Trenton Robinson, Jewel Hampton, Joe Looney, Ian Williams

Patriots Inactives: Rob Gronkowski,Tracy White, Ron Brace, Jake Ballard, Derrick Martin, Markus Zusevics

We'll have a gamethread up prior to kickoff and ya'll are mine for the day, as Fooch is currently freezing his [site decorum] off at the game. Send well wishes to his extremities.