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49ers vs. Patriots second quarter game thread

We provide a second quarter game thread for the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots.

Jared Wickerham

David Akers missed a 39-yard field goal and the referees blew a call when the 49ers were in the end zone - but they still lead the Patriots in the second quarter. It's scary, ya know? We've got a 4th-and-1 ... what's gonna happen?

Carlos Rogers made a huge play for the 49ers, picking off Tom Brady (you know, the guy who was 19 TDs and 1 INT on this winning streak) but it didn't lead to points, as Delanie Walker screwed up big time, even though it clearly was not a fumble. Still, we've come to expect this with Walker at this point.

Dashon Goldson took a direct snap on a fake punt and went for 31 yards, which is pretty awesome. He looked like he was born to run that football.

It's pretty clear Aldon Smith wants that sack record. Scratch that ... it's pretty clear Aldon Smith wants to bury Tom Brady en route to a 49ers victory. I doubt he's thinking of the record when he's playing, which is definitely good. But two quarterback hits on the second drive is awesome.

NaVorro Bowman made a huge play on that third down, and we almost missed it due to the production crew. Not sure what those guys are pointing at.

David Akers missed an easy field goal. Surprise, surprise.