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49ers vs. Patriots notes: Tight ends so-so, snaps are an issue and Tom Brady throws a tantrum

Oh you know, just some notes and observations from the 49ers beating the Patriots in a totally insignificant and unimportant game.

Jim Rogash

Alright, so that game was a little bit ridiculous. Like stupid ridiculous. But the San Francisco 49ers escaped Foxborough with a win over the NFL's top offense in the New England Patriots. Call me crazy, but I'm almost certain our quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, out-played Tom Brady who - last time I checked - isn't half bad.

A win is a win is a win is a win, or so they say. San Francisco needs to go out and win their next two games to secure the No. 2 seed in the NFC, and I firmly believe they can do it. The Seattle Seahawks have been blowing out bad teams, but they're going to get stopped in their tracks when Pete Carroll continues his never-ending quest to find out what Jim Harbaugh's deal is.

Here's some more notes, ya'll. Hopefully Fooch isn't frozen totally solid and will have you guys a full slate of posts today, and thanks for indulging me and my silliness.

AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT - In the first quarter, the 49ers reached the New England 5-, 21-, and 25-yard lines and ended up with zero points for their troubles. That is an abysmal stat right there, especially against a Patriots defense that really isn't very good. There were some pretty solid playcalls in these situations too, there was just very poor execution, namely on the Goodwin-to-Kaepernick connection. What is the deal with that? You can bet the 49ers will be spending a lot of time in practice this week just snapping the ball from under center.

THAT'S THE LEAST TIGHT THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME - Much has been said about Vernon Davis and his disappearance from the passing game. Many will take note of the fact that he blocks a lot, but there's also plenty of times he's been out there failing to get open. On Sunday, he did get open, and he squandered his opportunities.

Throughout his entire career, Davis has been hesitant to lay out and make the tough catches. He's also been hesitant to make the tough catches over the middle. On Sunday, there was one pass that would have been a perfect touchdown that he could have stretched out for, and another one later on that I need to take another look at, but that he didn't even extend for regardless.

LOL WHAT RULES? - If any other player in the NFL reacted to the timeout in the fourth quarter the same way that Tom Brady did, they would have been levied an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. But because it's Tom Brady, the referees didn't bother. This has always been a trend in the NFL, so it's not really surprising, just worth pointing out. I don't even understand what he was so mad about.

I CAN'T QUIT YOU (I PROBABLY CAN) - Delanie Walker is so very infuriating. He was my favorite player for awhile (of course, outside of every TED linebacker to ever play on the 49ers), but he's so streaky these days. He'll make a good catch, or he'll secure the onside kick like he did yesterday, and it'll make me be all like "yaaaay Delanie" and then he'll drop a wide open touchdown and I'll be like "booooo Delanie."

Ya dig? For real though, I think it's just about time we let Walker ... walk. I'm interested to see in what way we can upgrade the position next offseason. I'd be interested in Jermichael Finley if I didn't already get my fill of giant whiny baby this season in Brandon Jacobs.