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49ers vs. Patriots: The in-stadium view vs. the broadcast view

Opening the floor for discussion about how the game looked for people watching vs. sitting in the stands

Jim Rogash

I was fortunate enough to attend last night's 49ers-Patriots Sunday Night Football game, and thankfully I managed to stay relatively warm. Of course, I was also wearing more clothes than I have at one time in my entire life, but it seemed to work for the most part. I'll get a picture posted later but I was layered up just about as much as I could.

One thing I've always noticed while watching a game in person vs. watching on television, or even watching from the press box, is that it is sometimes hard to tell what a lot of plays look like. During last night's game, the Patriots showed plenty of replays, but they did not replay every play that resulted in questionable pass interference calls. We saw plenty of Ed Hochuli & Co. talking about Ted Ginn's supposed non-fumble (fingers don't move like that if they didn't touch the football), but it is not easy to track some of the officiating.

I am in the midst of traveling back to DC from Boston, so I still haven't had a chance to check out the game threads for the in-game discussion. What I'd like to do instead for now is figure out what was going on from people that were able to hear what was explained on television. During that Ginn play in particular, the Patriots fans were so pissed off, and I was so confused, that I honestly don't know what the final ruling was. I'll go back to the broadcast today or tomorrow on NFL Rewind, but in the meantime, what the hell happened?

I have read plenty of discussion about the refs performance on Sunday, but from my vantage point, it seemed like a poor overall performance, but one that benefited the 49ers more than the Patriots. Of course, I was surrounded by Patriots fans, so they were obviously not pleased with most of the calls. And yet, I still thought the refs were favoring the 49ers. Twitter is of course telling me differently.

I'm going to go back and watch the broadcast probably tomorrow, so I'll see what I see. In the meantime, I'd love to hear all of your impressions about the game. I have a hunch both sides are saying they got screwed, so everybody got screwed.