A thought on our fellow fans of the Pacific North-West.

It's hard to be a West coast sports fan. The media ignores us, if at all possible. West coast is synonymous with the "soft" or "finesse" labels that predictably populate the incoherent and pedestrian rants and diatribes of most professional sports-commentators.

Other cities are constantly clamoring to steal our teams. The media conspires to ignore us in favor of whatever Los Angeles is doing at any given moment (as though it's been relevant at all since 1988 - the peak of its powers), and our success is only praised as history. Anyone remember how much the NFL tried to ignore the 49ers, even in their glory days?

San Francisco has had some success with football in years past and is hoping to return to glory now. Even our Giants have finally started winning World Series titles, albeit in the most inexplicable manner possible. Good times are here again.

Seattle has it a bit rougher. If we're the second city of California, what are they? I know it's fun to hate them for being a poor imitation of our glorious city populated by inexplicably snooty regionalists whose sports-teams have been utterly lost at sea, mired in ineptitude since their inception. The reality is though, we haven't won a Super Bowl or made an appearance in almost two decades and every NFC West (even the lowly Cardinals -for shame) team has been in the Super Bowl since, and the bloody Rams won one. Let's have some perspective and stop living off the fumes of past glory.

Let's be fierce but friendly rivals. Let's always root for our 49ers but let's not be Raider fans or worse yet, Steeler fans. Let's show some class, some dignity, some respect, and some pride. There's no sense in kicking a team and a city that has never tasted success, doubly so when we're just re-emerging ourselves. So no "seachickens" or whatever other petty name we have for them. Let's treat them with the decency of an annoying kid-brother and refer to them by the worst, possible label: Seattle Seahawks fans.

We're in this together, rivals of the dreary fog-laden Pacific North-West. Now the Cardinals and Rams on the other hand...

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