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Pro Bowl balloting concludes after Monday Night Football tonight

NFL Pro Bowl balloting is wrapping up tonight following Monday Night Football. We look at some of the pertinent 49ers players to be voted upon.

USA Today Sports

The NFL wraps up Pro Bowl fan balloting tonight with the conclusion of Monday Night Football marking the end of the balloting cycle. Beyond the fan vote, the team will be voted on by players and coaches, with the teams announced Wednesday, December 26 at 4:00 p.m. PT.

If you have note yet voted, the 49ers have quite a few players in contention for spots. As of the last results release during the middle of last week, Patrick Willis, Mike Iupati, David Akers and C.J. Spillman are all among the NFC leaders at their respective positions. The 49ers have numerous players in the top five at their positions, so make sure and get in to vote for all your favorite 49ers. You can vote for one position, five positions or every position. It's up to you.

We all of course are happy to just see the 49ers miss the Pro Bowl entirely because of the timing surrounding the Super Bowl, but in the meantime, head over to to vote a few more 49ers into the Pro Bowl.