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Monday Night Football open thread: Jets vs. Titans

We take a look at Week 15 Monday Night Football, and open the thread for game discussion


Monday Night Football wraps up Week 15, and it's not the prettiest of matchups. The Tennessee Titans host the New York Jets in a matchup that technically has playoff implications. If the Jets win, they will still be alive in the battle for the second wild card spot. It would require them winning out and a combination of other teams losing because of tie-breakers, but they still have a shot.

Consider this an open thread for discussion of the game, or really anything else at this point. I suppose this game could turn out well, but in reality, the biggest implications of this game, in my mind, are the fantasy implications. Semifinals are wrapping up for most leagues, so guys like Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene have a chance to potentially swing some matchups.

It is worth noting that tonight marks the last night for Pro Bowl voting, wrapping up once this game ends. If you're watching the game, spend some time voting for your favorite 49ers. Go Vote!