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Little girl raps about Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

We take a look at some amazing video of a little girl with "tattoos" rapping about Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers

This is pretty incredible video of a little girl who apparently raps. Five-year old Sarah Redden put together this video that features her with some "tattoos" rapping about the 49ers. She focuses mostly on Colin Kaepernick, but we get a David Akers reference, and a random Darius Fleming reference. And of course, this means we get a reference to Kaepernicking (kissing the tattoos in celebration). The lyrics are entertaining, but seeing a five-year old with tattoos might take the cake.

The team has had numerous songs and music videos released over the last two seasons, which isn't surprising given the recent run of success. The most notable was performed by Bay Area rapper, Bailey. That was my favorite last year, but this particular one might be my new favorite. I mean, how can you really top this?

You can check out the rapping 5-year old at her YouTube page and also on Twitter.