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LaMichael James, Colin Kaepernick nominated for NFL weekly awards

We break down two awards LaMichael James and Colin Kaepernick were nominated for following Week 15

Jared Wickerham

After a high profile victory over the New England Patriots, it is not surprising to see the 49ers get some nominations for the many weekly awards the NFL hands out. This week, the 49ers received nominations for the Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week and the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week.

LaMichael James was nominated for rookie of the week thanks primarily to his 62-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter. The 49ers had just given up the game-tying touchdown and were looking for a spark. James returned the kickoff to the Patriots 38, and that set up the go-ahead touchdown. James had eight rushes for 31 yards and another 71 yards on three kickoff returns, but it was really all about that one kickoff return, which was incredibly huge.

It's fitting then that the 49ers nomination for the Never Say Never Moment of the Week belongs to the touchdown play that came immediately after James' kickoff return. Immediately after that return, Colin Kaepernick connected with Michael Crabtree on a 38-yard catch and run touchdown that put the 49ers up 38-31. Kaepernick read the blitz and quickly fired the pass to Crabtree. Coach Harbaugh indicated the play was actually designed for Vernon Davis, but Kaepernick made the read and adjustment and the 49ers got the victory.

Although both face some other great moments, head over and vote when you get a minute for rookie of the weekand Never Say Never Moment of the Week.