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Justin Smith injury update: Could play, but waiting until Wednesday for more

We break down Jim Harbaugh's latest update regarding Justin Smith, who is dealing with an elbow injury.

Chris Graythen

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Monday to wrap up the 49ers win over the Patriots, and provide some insight about the team moving forward. While Harbaugh did not provide a ton of details, he did get a chance to address the Justin Smith injury. Smith injured his elbow in Sunday's game and was unable to play in the second half.

According to Coach Harbaugh, Justin Smith went through the MRI process and they have some idea of things, but they'll get more information between now and when they practice on Wednesday. The team will release an injury report on Wednesday, so we'll get some hints then. He did clarify that this was not like Parys Haralson's tricep tear, so this should not be a long-term concern.

Coach Harbaugh made a radio appearance Tuesday morning and he did sound relatively optimistic. He apparently said that he expects to see Justin Smith, "knowing what I know of Justin Smith and things." He also used the phrase, "if humanly possible", so there are no guarantees on it at this point. We'll just have to keep an eye on things as the practice reports are released.