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The 49ers at their "best" and the recurring W-W-L theme

One of our sponsors asked the question: Which coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team in to the playoffs, and why? Why not use this for more talk about the greatness of Harbaugh?

Jim Rogash

Over at The Big Lead, Jason Lisk writes a variety of statistical-based articles, looking at numerous sports. Yesterday, Jason took a look at how teams perform at their best and at their worst. This was inspired in part by the 49ers huge effort against the New England Patriots last week, which was probably the best effort any team has put up against the Patriots. I suppose the Arizona Cardinals deserve praise for their rather stunning upset in Foxborough earlier this year, but I don't think anybody has really figured that one out.

The 49ers have put together some incredibly impressive efforts, and lead Jason's "At Their Best" rankings. And yet, the 49ers have had their share of head-shaking defeats. This has been seen in part in the 49ers pattern of WWL/WWL/WWT/WWL through the first 12 games. They have since won two games, leaving us all wondering what to make of this third game in the stretch. Coach Harbaugh was even asked about it during his Wednesday press conference, but he did not have anything to say about it.

The 49ers' upside is pretty tremendous, but unfortunately they find themselves stumbling at times. Will this be the week things come together in that third game and the 49ers get the W? A loss would not be the most shocking result this week, given that this is a road game in one of the tougher environments in the NFL.

Is there anything Jim Harbaugh can possibly do to get over this random hump? Or, much like Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis needing more "time on task", is it just a matter of this team coming together a bit further, particularly on the offensive side of the ball? What's up with this?