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Golden Nuggets: 49ers at Rams, revenge on both teams' minds

Sunday, December 2, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web. Today's game with the Rams is a chance for both teams to exact a bit of revenge for last month's Week 10 tie.

Brian Bahr

Another one of those shallow Nuggets pools for me to pluck the links out of. Not much to choose from here. Instead we'll talk about the of the few games I am able to watch. How does evey one like our chances this afternoon. The Rams have been tough at home all year and they came out like gangbusters against us in Week 10. They scored the first 14 points of the game on their first two possessions. The defense woke up and only allowed 10 more points in the next 62 minutes. I think this second game will play out more like the final 60 minutes of that game.

Usual Sunday fare, folks. Not a lot going on. Get some comments going or some links involved if you're up early enough. Otherwise, enjoy the game.

Week 13: 49ers at Rams

The first time we played the Rams, the defense slept. The Rams offense is tending toward the lower half of the rankings and there's no way an offense like this should hang the season worst for yards against on us. We'll be better this time and here's my article to back it up. I don't expect Sam Bradford to find time to throw. | Aldon Smith, defense look to settle the score (Malone)

Christian Gin is predicting Randy Moss to pick up the WR snaps, Brandon Jacobs taking most of Kendall Hunter's reps and perhaps LaMichael James in the kicking game. A lot of people to replace. | 49ers vs Rams: Four changes to expect (Gin)

Cortland Finnegan vs Michael Crabtree will be something to watch. Crabtree is coming into his own this season and Finnegan says he's underrated. Janoris Jenkins, the Rams' other CB returned two picks for touchdowns last weekend. | 49ers key matchup No. 2: Crabtree vs Finnegan (Maiocco)

Prediction: The 49ers will blow out the Rams (Cohn)

Quarterback Situation

BASG has this piece about Alex Smith's demotion. There have been many shortcomings in his time under Harbaugh. His game against the Giants this season, not to mention his game against them in the playoffs are cited here as examples. | Alex Smith was demoted for his play, not his concussion (BASG)

Eric Branch has gone and dug up some Jim Harbaugh quotes that point to exactly why he drafted Colin Kaepernick, and possibly why he's playing now. Athletic instincts! | Why Harbaugh is going with Kaepernick (Branch)

Kaepernick has unseated a starter before (SF Gate)

Steve Young weighs in on Kaepernick - Smith (SF Gate)

Assorted News

Mike Sando has the rates per dropback for every quarterback in the NFC West in TDs, INTs and sacks. Only Kevin Kolb took more sacks per dropback than Alex Smith, and Kolb was playing behind the worst line in the league (at the time....Chicago has given their all at matching them). | Quick look at the sack rate of NFC West QBs (Sando)

Our safeties are wreaking havoc on opposing team's receiving corps. Last week they allowed 30 yards after catch on 23 completions to his receivers and tight ends. That means you catch it, you get tackled. That's it. Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner are terrorizing foes this season. | Nobody safe in Goldson/Whitner danger zone (

Do you like Colin Kaepernick? I thought so. Matt Barrows does a good job delving into the background of our newest starting quarterback. | Throw-away story: A profile of Colin Kaepernick (Barrows)

49ers top rookies might see first action (Mercury News)

Ranking young quarterbacks: Grant's rankings (Cohn)

Being a Sheep

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