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49ers vs. Rams second quarter game thread

We break down the first quarter of 49ers-Rams, and open a thread for second quarter discussion.


The 49ers and Rams head into the second quarter with the 49ers holding a 7-0 edge following an impressive 60-yard drive capped by a 1-yard touchdown. Frank Gore was the star of the drive, showing considerable vision, as usual. Gore rushed for 33 yards and a touchdown on the drive. The run though that might have been the best to see was Brandon Jacobs barreling through the Rams defensive line to get first down on a 3rd and 1.

Colin Kaepernick is off to a solid enough start. He has taken the dump-offs that the Rams have given him, getting Bruce Miller particularly active. The biggest play from Kaepernick might have been his third-down slant pass to Mario Manningham for seven yards that set up Gore's one-yard touchdown run.

We now head into the second quarter with the 49ers in Rams territory after a 16-yard Randy Moss reception. Time to add to this lead.