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49ers vs. Rams third quarter game thread

We break down the 49ers-Rams first half and open up a thread for second half discussion.


The 49ers and Rams head into the second half with the 49ers leading 7-0 in a game that has not been the prettiest affair. Colin Kaepernick has been taking more of the underneath stuff and was making some plays, but the offense has been a bit off today. The two sacks at the end of the half didn't help matters. We'll see how Greg Roman game-plans for the second half.

The bigger story in my mind is Frank Gore handling the bulk of the workload. It is not surprising that he leads the team in rushes, but it seems like we would have seen a bit more of Hunter if healthy. Brandon Jacobs has a pair of carries, but the running game seems focused on Gore right now. We'll see what the second half brings in that regard.

The 49ers have benefited from poor offensive performances by the Rams. Sam Bradford is 11 of 16 for 78 yards and Steven Jackson has 11 yards on eight rushes. Aldon Smith tied the 49ers franchise sack record with a second quarter sack, and the 49ers defense definitely brought its big-boy pants in the first half. Hopefully the 49ers offense can get back on track in the third quarter.