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49ers drop OT loss to Rams thanks to poor coaching, poor execution

We take a quick look back at the 49ers overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams.


Well, that sucked. A strong defensive effort was not enough to boost a too often too conservative offensive game plan and the 49ers lost a tough one in overtime. The Rams claimed the 16-13 victory on a Greg Zeurlein 54-yard field goal that probably would have been good from 64 yards.

The game had all the makings of another tie, but this game was almost a repeat of the last one, minus the tie. Blame can be spread far and wide on this one. The loss of Kendall Hunter and Kyle Williams didn't help matters, but with poor play-calling and poor execution, having Hunter and Williams might not have mattered.

I realize people will immediately go to the low-hanging fruit that is the Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick controversy, but as Harbaugh sometimes says, I hope people will look at the bigger picture. While Kaep did have poor execution at times, and he deserves some of the blame for this loss, there are plenty more issues to consider. Delanie Walker drops that touchdown pass. On the option, you can blame Kaep for pitching it too hard, you can blame Ginn for whatever it was that he did as the ball bounced around, and mostly you can blame Greg Roman (or which ever offensive coach made the call), for a pretty poor decision. Kaep should be able to execute the option play, but I don't understand why you make that play-call there.

And since people are pissed off right now, at least this can entertain you a little bit. As someone described it, this is 49ers-Rams 2012: