We deserved to lose it and once again OC Roman is to blame.

That option call deep in our own territory has to be one of Roman's dumbest ever. Yes CK threw a horrible pitch but why even put him in that situation whith of all people Ginn who has little to no physicality to go get the ball in that exact situation.

It was a tough game in which the Rookie really only made one poor decision and that was not taking the sack or throwing away sooner instead of voluntarily heading into the end zone which he did. It was also a bad call by the refs but you aren't in that position if you don't take yourself into the end zone.

But again this was not a loss that was the fault of the rookie, this was the fault of the OC. And why did they then get so conservative as if they were playing for a tie or field goal?

Also I knew immediately the decision on to for that long field goal was a mistake. Our kicker has been shaky and a miss puts the rams in great field position. They should have been far more aggressive throughout the drive. When the rams had the ball they took shots down the field, we did not and it cost us.

I can't even get mad because we deserved exactly what we got. Jim has to start to take some control in the offense in these late game situations. By that I mean, he has got to start exerting some veto power with regards to the play calling.

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