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49ers QB situation: Jim Harbaugh expects Colin Kaepernick to start in Week 14

We take a look at the news that Colin Kaepernick is likely to start for the 49ers in Week 14.


Twitter is officially ablaze with people flaming every one left, right and center after the 49ers disappointing 16-13 loss to the Rams. I am not particularly surprised by the responses, and they only got better after Jim Harbaugh stated that he expected Colin Kaepernick to start next week against the Miami Dolphins. He said he was proud of what Kaepernick did under heat and that he gave the team a chance to win.

When I tweeted this news out, a few people lost it. Thus far, Twitter has revealed two things. Some people are demanding Alex Smith start. Other people think Alex Smith supporters want the team to lose. Lines have been drawn and it is apparently a battle to the death. Fantastic.

Even if the 49ers had figured out a way to win this game in overtime, the debate would still rage. Colin Kaepernick did have his struggles, but he also showed the tremendous upside, which is of course part of the young quarterback experience.

Coach Harbaugh's likely decision to stick with Kaepernick next week is not surprising. He is a man with confidence of his convictions and to switch back after this particular performance would not have helped matters. Kaepernick was faaaaar from perfect, but Coach Harbaugh made his bed and now he has to lay in it. Maybe that is part of the problem at this point. I don't know.

Whatever the case, that is the situation as it currently stands. Try not to kill each other in here.