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Sunday Night Football game thread: Suck it, Cowboys

We take a look at Sunday Night Football between the Cowboys and Eagles, and open a thread for discussion.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

After the 49ers clunker of a loss to the Rams, consider me hopeful that the Dallas Cowboys lay an egg on national television. I'm fairly certain they'll have no problem with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football, but consider me hopeful that the Eagles bring some semblance of an A-game for this one.

This game has little to no bearing on the 49ers given that it's a battle of the 5-6 Cowboys and the 3-8 Eagles, but it's still something to keep an eye on. If the Cowboys win and the Redskins can spring the upset of the Giants on Monday Night Football, both Dallas and Washington would find themselves within a game of the first place Giants. The NFC East race could open wide up in that case.

Speaking of Sunday Night Football, the 49ers and Seahawks are now 1 1/2 games apart, and will meet up in Week 16. The Week 16 SNF game is Bears-Cardinals, but one has to wonder if they might flex the 49ers and Seahawks into prime time. One thing I don't know is the rules about flexing a team into prime time after they have the max five games of prime time play. The Week 16 game will be decided this week, so we'll see what happens.