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49ers vs. Patriots: Highlights, Mic'd Up Video

We take a look at some different videos from the 49ers win over the New England Patriots.

Jared Wickerham

The 49ers secured a huge win over the Patriots on Sunday Night Football this past week, and given the high profile nature of the game, there is a variety of video from the game that I think is really worth checking out. It is hard to get a ton of context from a few minutes of video, but taken with what we know about the game, and what we know about the 49ers this season, I think there is something worth grabbing from each video.

49ers vs. Patriots Sound FX

Ricky Jean Francois mic'd up

49ers post-game locker room speech

49ers vs. Patriots Re-Mix

One thing I found interesting was that the sideline predicted Tom Brady's quarterback sneak at the start of the fourth quarter. In the Sound FX video, you see and hear Coach Harbaugh saying sneak. In the RJF mic'd up video, you see him also yelling out sneak several times.

One of the highlights of the first two videos has to be defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. He's wearing what looks like a red beanie, and you'd swear he was like a younger version of Mickey from the Rocky movies. He gets particularly fired up with the work of Ricky Jean.

Another noticeable aspect of the FX video is Randy Moss. I liked the scene where he was talking with the secondary about Tom Brady. He did not appear to give too many specifics, but some members of the secondary mentioned earlier in the week that they had been picking Moss' brain about Brady. Although Moss hasn't put up monster numbers, there seems to be nothing about this free agent signing that hasn't worked out.

Give all these videos a watch when you get a moment. They are a lot of fun.