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Pro Bowl ballot results: Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Mike Iupati, C.J. Spillman, David Akers lead 49ers

We take a look at the final fan vote results for the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

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The NFL Pro Bowl continues to trek on in spite of some fan anger about the game, but it is still cool to see 49ers players get recognized for their work. The team is selected by a combination of fan, player and coach voting. The fan vote wrapped up this past Monday, and we have a full rundown of the leaders at each position.

The 49ers have five players leading at their respective positions:

DT Justin Smith - 257,020
ILB Patrick Willis - 226791
OG Mike Iupati - 177,817
K David Akers - 140,847
ST C.J. Spillman - 89,797

This is likely not the final tally of 49ers that will make the Pro Bowl roster, but they are the leaders for now. Mike Sando will likely have a rundown of NFC West players in the top five, so I'll keep an eye out for that.

Of course, ideally the 49ers will not be able to play in the Pro Bowl. The game is hosted the week before the Super Bowl, so the two Super Bowl teams will not participate.

A bigger honor is apparently coming out this afternoon, with the Associated Press announcing their All Pro teams for 2012. Last year, the 49ers had five players earn All Pro honors, including David Akers, NaVorro Bowman, Andy Lee, Justin Smith and Patrick Willis. I would imagine we'll see some familiar names this time around.