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49ers vs. Seahawks: Can you hear me now?

We take a look at the 49ers-Seahawks and what to make of the sound issue

Otto Greule Jr

The 49ers head up to Seattle on Sunday to face the Seahawks, in a Sunday Night Football game that will probably feature a fairly frenzied crowd. The Seahawks built Century Link Field to hold in a good deal of noise. It has done an effective job at this as the stadium is recognized as one of the loudest in the league.

Crowd noise was one issue on the top of my head when the 49ers made their switch to Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. However, Kaepernick has done a solid job in some rather frenzied environments. He had to use some timeouts against the Saints, but in the Superdome and again in Gillette Stadium, he has generally been OK with the more rabid crowds. It is worth noting that things quieted down considerably during the stretch when the 49ers opened up their 31-3 lead, so take that particular instance with a grain of salt.

I was looking back at last season's road matchup in Seattle, and the 49ers offense had one false start penalty, while appearing to use one, maybe two timeouts because of crowd noise. At times, there have been issues with getting the to line quickly, but this past week that did not really seem to be an issue. I would imagine there was plenty of discussion at practice on getting the team back to the huddle and out to the line quickly.

Last week, the issue was raised, and I believe one of the players mentioned the team was slow getting back to the huddle after a play finished. Hopefully that issue is in the past, because with the crowd noise, the offense needs to make sure they have plenty of time available to communicate what is going on.