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Golden Nuggets: Death threat fans are worthless

Friday, December 21, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Fooch's Note: Slight delay on these, but here are some links for today.

Good morning folks. I notice a lot of people here are really ... nervous about the matchup against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Me, I couldn't be more confident in a 49ers victory, to be honest. I don't think the Seahawks have what it takes to beat the 49ers, and I'm pretty confident Russell Wilson will fall back to Earth.

Of course, I've just provided their fans with a lot of quoting fodder in the even that he torches our defense for 300 yards and three touchdowns, but ya know. Anyway, let's get to your links for the day - quick links as I'm very busy at the moment.

King: Kaepernick better than Newton, Luck and Griffin (CSN Bay Area)

49ers, Seahawks status reports: Lynch upgraded (Maiocco)

Donatell on safeties' texbook tackling; DT Smith absent (Branch)

Akers re-tweets death threat, quits Twitter (Barrows)

Justin Smith might not play Sunday (Maiocco)

Pete Carroll says a Christmas card will be in the mail in response to Harbaugh (Gin)

NFL Picks, Week 16: I've got the Seahawks outright over the 49ers, and I'm sure I'll hear about it (Kawakami)

Goldson: 'I thought it was clean'(Maiocco)

Seahawk Talk: Will Seattle's defense be the best Kaepernick has faced? (BA Sports Guy)

Carroll describes Goldson, Whitner as 'ridiculous' (Maiocco)

Goldson Prepped for Improved Wilson (49ers)