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Caption This: Name a hot dog after Colin Kaepernick

We open the floor for suggestions for names of a hot dog in honor of Colin Kaepernick

Name a hot dog for Colin Kaepernick
Name a hot dog for Colin Kaepernick
Mindi Bach, CSN Bay Area

Earlier this week, CSN Bay Area's Mindi Bach tweeted out the picture above, and said that Turlock restaurant Main Street Footers is looking to name a hot dog after Colin Kaepernick. Apparently, if they pick your name you win a free hot dog once a month for a year. Of course, you'd have to travel to Turlock, California to get your 12 hot dogs, but if you're in the region, maybe you can do it.

For those wondering where this came from, Kaepernick spent much of his childhood in Turlock.

Go ahead and post your submissions, and I'll send them over to the restaurant. They don't seem to have an email or Twitter account, but it appears I can at least fax the names over.