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Golden Nuggets: Let the seeding be determined!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.


We're a day out from the matchup that essentially decides where we're going to be in the seeded in he NFC. Yes, that's overlooking the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, but if there was ever a team that deserved being looked over, it's these Cardinals. I look at their roster and I don't see much to fear, and I look at their on-the-field product and all I can do is feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald.

Kind of like how I felt bad for Frank Gore all those years he was great while the 49ers were ... not.

Anyway, the Seattle Seahawks are up tomorrow and I'm pretty pumped up. Looking forward to getting away from all the nonsense in my life recently and enjoy a good ol' fashioned 49ers win, you know? Of course, they could also let the Seahawks put 50 points on them. So yeah. Onto your links.

Harbaugh: 49ers intent on ending WWL on Sunday (Barrows)

49ers promote LB Cam Johnson, fill roster vacancy (Maiocco)

Carrol expects Sherman to play vs. 49ers (Maiocco)

Kaepernick + Walker = 145.1 (Branch)

49ers vs. Seahawks: Five keys to victory (Gin)

Twitter threats should be prosecuted (PFT)

49ers 2.5-point dogs vs. Seahawks (CSN)

Smith's streak in serious jeopardy (Maiocco)

Seahawk Talk: What exactly is Harbaugh and Carroll's deal? (BA Sports Guy)

'Gangnam Style' parody targeting Jim Harbaugh may be the worst video of 2012 (BA Sports Guy)

49ers Mailbag: What's the impact if Justin Smith can't play? (Maiocco)

Jean Francois steps into some big shoes (SFGate)

Alex Smith could set records despite short season (CSN)

Ricky Jean Francois Ready if Needed (49ers)

Kap-to-Crab Connection Growing Strong (49ers)