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Jim Harbaugh talks Seahawks in two sentences or less

We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's press conference transcript for Friday heading into Sunday's 49ers-Seahawks Week 16 matchup.

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It's safe to say 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was in a bit of a hurry today. He hustled through his responses with no more than a sentence or two for each answer. It doesn't get much more quick than this. I don't know if the team was planning on a Friday flight, but Jim Harbaugh was in a hurry to get somewhere.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - December 21, 2012
San Francisco 49ers

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How did practice go this week?

"Good. Good practice this week. Solid week of practice."

Did you like this day just because it sort of might mirror what you might see up in Seattle?

"Yeah, it was good for us."

Wind, rain?

"A little wind, yeah."

Have you guys filled the last spot on the 53 yet?

"I believe we'll bring [LB] Cam Johnson up."

Have you seen obviously the procedure he had in the offseason, how's he doing physically? Have you seen a lot of improvement?

"Good. Yeah, it's been a lot of improvement."

Would he play on special teams?

"All that's possible, yeah."

Do you have an idea about DT Justin Smith? Has he been ruled?

"Yeah, I think he'll be questionable for the game."

Did he do anything today?

"Yeah, he's done quite a bit."

In what areas?

"Rehab, strengthening, conditioning."

How do you feel about DT Ricky Jean Francois and how he's come along and the one half that he played Sunday?

"I feel good. I think we all felt good about Ricky Jean and [DT] Ray [McDonald], anybody who goes in there. Next guy up."

Do you see that when Justin's not in there, does there seem to be a little bit more attention paid to LB Aldon Smith from the Patriots Sunday?

"No. I watched it a few times and not seen that."

When Palo Alto athletic director and football coach Earl Hansen comes to practice do you ask him for input on anything or is he kind of just checking things out?

"He's just watching practice."

Is it cool for you to still have that relationship and have him here sometimes?

"Yes. Very, very good. Very good."

How does it change, your defense when Justin Smith isn't in there?

"I don't know what really changes. He's a great football player."

Regardless of what happened Sunday, can you just talk about the toughness it takes to do what Justin has? 185 consecutive starts, he's played through some tough stuff. Can you just address how amazing that is for defensive linemen to make that many consecutive starts?

"Yeah, amazing man. Amazing football player. Amazing accomplishment."

Is it particularly amazing because of the position? Isn't that like a small car accident every play down there?

"Yeah, it's very physical in there. I haven't played the position, but..."

You're close to it though?

"Yeah, close enough to observe. Real football going on in there."