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Calvin Johnson breaks Jerry Rice single season receiving yards mark

We take a look at Calvin Johnson's new single season receiving yards record, and what it means compared to Jerry Rice.

Leon Halip

If there was any doubt about Jerry Rice's single season receiving yards mark, Calvin Johnson put a stop to that. Megatron hauled in 225 yards on 11 receptions, blowing past Rice and putting himself in position to potentially eclipse 2,000 receiving yards.

Earlier this week, Jerry Rice was speaking about Megatron's pursuit of his record and mentioned how he holds 40 records and Johnson might as well have one of them.

I was talking to Florida Danny Tuccitto last night and he pointed out one thing. In this record-breaking season, Johnson is No. 1 in DYAR and No. 18 in DVOA. In 1995, Jerry Rice was No. 2 in DYAR and No. 5 in DVOA. The general idea to take from this is that Megatron has benefited from garbage time yards. There is no doubting he is a great receiver, but in 2012, the Detroit Lions have played from behind enough that Matthew Stafford has been chucking it to Johnson quite a bit.

It is also difficult to make comparisons given the rule changes that benefit wide receivers and quarterbacks. Congratulations to Calvin Johnson for surpassing Jerry Rice, but always make sure to maintain some context to the situation.