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49ers vs. Seahawks: Live online stream available via

We take a look at the live online stream options for the 49ers-Seahawks Week 16 Sunday Night Football game.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Most weeks, any streams showing 49ers games are going to be illegal, and something we cannot advertise. Fortunately, the 49ers week 16 matchup will feature a free, legal, live online stream. The game was flexed in to Sunday Night Football because of the quality of the matchup, which means most people will be able to watch it on NBC.

However, if you are without a television for whatever reason (work or otherwise), there is an option for catching a live stream of the game. offers a live stream of every Sunday Night Football game, and this week is no different. When you head over there, you can watch the regular broadcast, while also being able to flip between several different angles of the game. It's really quite impressive.

One day, it would be nice for the NFL to provide options for live streaming all NFL games. If you have the Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, you can use your account to watch games online, but without Sunday Ticket, you're stuck with illegal streams and the occasional Sunday Night Football stream. I can't even imagine how much money the NFL could make live streaming all games. I know plenty of people would be willing to pay big bucks for that.