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Week 16 NFL PM game thread: Tick-tock, tick-tock

We take a look at some of the Week 16 afternoon games, and open a thread for discussion.

Kevin C. Cox

We did not quite get the results we were hoping for this morning as the Packers destroyed the Titans, and the Panthers edged out the Raiders. Such is life, I suppose. Maybe the Packers can drop their season finale at the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota pulled off a huge upset that keeps them in solid shape for one of the two wild card spots.

I'm not quite sure what the NFL was thinking with their AM/PM scheduling today. With no Monday Night Football game, the NFL still went with only three 1:05/1:25 p.m. PT starts. We've got Browns-Broncos, Bears-Cardinals and Giants-Ravens to take us through the afternoon to Sunday Night Football.

The Giants game is of course pretty huge as the Giants are still hanging on to playoff aspirations. I would love to see them get knocked out of the playoff race. If the Giants lose to the Ravens, that puts the Redskins in position to claim the NFC East title next week with a win over the Dallas Cowboys. Anything that gets the Giants out of the playoff picture is fine by me.