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Golden Nuggets: Seahawks 42, 49ers 13; Worst possible outcome on many fronts

Monday, December 24, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Stephen Brashear

I was actually going to title this 'Golden Nuggets: No news to report' and just leave this blank, or perhaps link to highlights from our Super Bowl victories. But then I figured I'd take the mature route and do my job. I'm warning's not pretty. There's not a lot of news out yet, and what there is is not good. I'm writing this a little earlier than usual because it's already Christmas Eve here in Australia and I'm heading out to dinner with some friends soon, and with the game being a late one, get the picture. Plus I'm depressed.

Why am I depressed? This game could not have gone any worse. Even a rabid Seahawk could not have drawn up so ridiculously miserable a scenario for the 49ers. Justin Smith missed the game, snapping his consecutive games streak at 185 games and his absence was felt from the start. We were outplayed in every area of the game. Carlos Rogers was beaten for a touchdown by every single option that Russell Wilson has. Vernon Davis left the game with a concussion after a brutal hit by Kam Chancellor. He should recover. Mario Manningham's future is more in doubt, after seeing his knee buckled underneath him, with the score 28-3 in the third quarter, no less. We'll see what the diagnosis is, but it didn't look good live.

In Week 7 our offensive line blasted the Seahawks' run defense in epic fashion. This game, Frank Gore was held to 28 yards on 6 carries and the Seahawks' defense was never really threatened. Russell Wilson did whatever he wanted with us and the defense appeared as though they had never seen a read-option in their lives. That's all I care to write about it. I've still got to do a recap on this later in the week. Let's see how the 49ers come back from this....because they have a lot of ground to make up.

Seahawks 42, 49ers 13

Bay Area Sports Guy sums up the 49ers play with this statement: "This game was a true feces storm if there ever was one." Funny, my spell check doesn't recognize feces. Maybe it didn't watch the game. | Seahawks destroy 49ers in every way (BASG)

Mike Sando has some notes on the game. One thing to take from it is that the hit on Manningham is going to become more and more common as defenders are scared to hit high. He says that in the past, going at a defenseless players knees was seen as a cheap shot, but not in today's safety conscious NFL. | Rapid reaction: Seahawks 42, 49ers 13 (Sando)

NaVorro Bowman was one of the few bright spots for the 49ers, recording 16 tackles. Anytime a player records 16 tackles for you, that means you got your butt whooped. | Postgame analysis: Seahawks 42, 49ers 13 (Bonagura)

Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers' offense continued their problems with timeouts and clock management. There were multiple delay of game penalties and blown timeouts. It's understandable in Seattle, but needs to be addressed. | Instant replay: Seahawks 42, 49ers 13 (Maiocco)

This headline speaks volumes. The big problem for the Seahawks will be if/when Richard Sherman is suspended for PEDs. He definitely set the tone and dominated from the cornerback position and ran back the blocked field goal for a touchdown. | Seahawks send message in blowout of 49ers (

And what about the whole W-W-L pattern? Well, we lived up to it once again. That puts at losing in the divisional round at Green Bay. Doesn't work, guys. | Who's to blame for 49ers' lack of consistency? (SF Gate)

The bad news doesn't stop. | Will Justin Smith be back for playoffs? Harbaugh: "I don't know for sure" (Barrows)

Shocked in Seattle: Seahawks pummel 49ers in 42-13 rout (Gin)

Sunday night wrap-up: Wilson shows his maturity (Pro Football Talk)

Red zone woes killing 49ers (SF Gate)

Shellacked in Seattle: Seahawks rout 49ers, 42-13 (Branch)

Richard Sherman's birthday message for Jim Harbaugh (

49ers fall 42-13 to Seahawks (

Seattle slew: Harbaugh done in by nemesis, former pupils (Barrows)

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

And finally, the game highlights. PS: you're either sick or on the wrong site if you watch this. | Game recap: Seahawks 42 - 49ers 13 (

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