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49ers vs. Seahawks: Do you just burn the game film?

We take a look back at the 49ers poor performance, and consider what it all means.

I put together a bit of recap video last night after the 49ers ugly loss to the Seahawks (see above), but as the video shows, and as many of you probably feel, this is not a game that is easy to figure out. Patrick Willis met with the mediaafter the game, and you could tell there was some measure of confusion about this performance.

In some way, I would kind of just like to move on past this game. The 49ers got destroyed, but they can still clinch the division next week with a win against a scuffling Arizona Cardinals squad.

Even as I type this, I still do not have the words to figure out what happened last night. The 49ers did have to deal with some poor officiating, but even if the game had been called better, I'm not really sure the 49ers were going to win this game. The Seahawks had their way with the 49ers in every possible way. I suppose a holding call here or there might have made some difference, but again, I just don't think it would have mattered enough to prevent a loss.

Heading into Seattle, it would have been foolish to assume the 49ers would walk all over the Seahawks. The Seahawks got plenty physical, which is something the 49ers will need to look out for once the playoffs get here. At this point, the 49ers would be hosting the Minnesota Vikings in the first round. Given the 49ers previous performance against the Vikings, it is safe to say the 49ers will need to figure something out ASAP.

There remain question marks and I just don't know what to think right now. Ideally the 49ers will handle their business with ease next Sunday, but even if they do, we still won't really, fully know what to make of this team as the playoffs approach. That opens the door for upside, but also means we are left to wonder what the heck to make of all this.