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49ers injury report: Justin Smith, Mario Manningham, Vernon Davis all to consider

We break down the 49ers injury report following their loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Otto Greule Jr

As ugly as it might have been watching the 49ers get manhandled by the Seahawks last night, the worst part of the game had to be the injuries. The 49ers were getting popped left, right and center, and it led to some pretty significant injuries. We don't have anything resembling final updates yet, but we will hopefully get a few hints today.

The most significant injury on Sunday saw Mario Manningham do something rather gnarly to his knee. I saw some bones moving in ways bones should not move. Fortunately, his x-ray came back negative, but I have to think he'll have an MRI later today. An x-ray can't provide the kind of view needed to fully assess ligament damage, so we'll wait and see what an MRI tells us. I'm not holding my breath for good news.

Vernon Davis suffered a concussion on a big hit as he was attempting to haul in a pass. Kam Chancellor lit him up on the play, breaking up the pass and giving Davis a concussion. In the moment it looked back, but on replay, it looked like a legal hit. Although Davis was a defenseless receiver, one angle showed Chancellor leading with his shoulder as he drilled Davis in the chest. I still am not fully sure about the defenseless receiver rules, so take my assessment with a grain of salt. Either way, Davis may be dealing with a minor concussion, so hopefully he can get back sooner rather than later.

There is also no specific timetable on Justin Smith's return from an elbow injury. Smith was inactive, and it seems highly unlikely he will be active next week. The problem though is it sounds like there are question marks about his status for the playoffs as well. Coach Harbaugh was asked about it and sounded unsure, so we are left to wait and see what happens.

Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media at 11:30 a.m. PT, so hopefully we'll get some more clarification at that point.