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Jim Harbaugh discusses Richard Sherman honking claim

We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's follow-up on reports he honked his horn at the Seahawks and mocked them after the 49ers beat Seattle in Week 7.

Steve Dykes

In case you missed the story late yesterday, Mike Silver had a few quotations from Seahawks players, including Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, making a rather provocative claim. According to Sherman, who indicated he heard the story second-hand (I believe from Thomas), when the Seahawks bus was leaving Candlestick Park after their Thursday Night Football loss to the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh drove by the team bus and honked at them and mockingly saluted the Seahawks.

Coach Harbaugh was asked about this, and he said the story was a fabrication. He also said he can't think of a time where he has left the stadium and the other team has still been there. Given how much work time he puts in, I can't imagine seeing him departing the stadium that quickly.

The whole thing is just another bit of nonsense to add to what is becoming a pretty intriguing rivalry. There is some heat between these two teams, no matter what the head coaches might otherwise say. Add in a pair of fan bases that don't particularly like each other, and this is turning into one of the better rivalries in the NFL.

While I would prefer a lot of one-sided beatdowns, beating a tougher rival can add a certain something to this. Now that the Seahawks have actually managed to beat Jim Harbaugh, it can turn into more of a rivalry. After all, if one team wins all the game, it's more of a rivalry in one mind than another (ask Yankees and Red Sox fans for 80 years). This is turning into something more, and I'd imagine the NFL will be looking to get these games in prime time for the foreseeable future.