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Merry Christmas as Niners Nation turns 6

We open up a thread for Christmas discussion as Niners Nation turns 6.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, 49ers fans! It's been a rough few days, but Christmas is here, and it will hopefully provide a nice distraction from the rough news we've seen of late. We'll have posts throughout the day, but as with yesterday, I wanted a separate open thread for folks to enjoy on the holiday.

Feel free to drop in here and discuss what you got for Christmas, particularly if it is 49ers or otherwise sports-related. Christmas is as good a time as any to get some fun presents that can boost your enjoyment of 49ers football.

It is also worth noting that this past Saturday marked the sixth anniversary of Niners Nation. NN launched back on December 22, 2006. You can go back in the archives to view 2006 content. You can also view the original look of Niners Nation through I know some folks have had some question marks about the current look, but I can promise you the product team has been assessing all of your comments. They have made adjustments primarily on the mobile site over the last couple months, and I think the new year will bring more great things.

Happy holidays to everybody, and Happy New Year!