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49ers vs. Cardinals announcers: Are you ready for some Gus Johnson?

We take a look at the announcers for the 49ers Week 17 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Andy Lyons

The San Francisco 49ers will wrap up their 2012 regular season with a home contest against the Arizona Cardinals. The game will be broadcast on FOX at 1:25 p.m. PT, and in a late Christmas gift for 49ers fans, the game will be broadcast by Gus Johnson and Charles Davis. While some do not get quite as caught up in Johnson's announcing enthusiasm, he remains one of my favorites.

Of course, it seems quite often that Johnson-announced games come down to the wire. Maybe it is not any more than normal, but it often seems that way. Hopefully the 49ers can turn this one into a snoozer sooner rather than later on Sunday. has not released their television broadcast maps, so we'll have to wait and see on that info. Packers-Vikings is the national game this week, and with Rams-Seahawks also going on, I suspect we will not see a huge disbursement of the 49ers game.

Here is Gus Johnson's call of Brandon Stokley's crazy catch a few years back.

And of course, some quality NCAA tournament highlights featuring Gus Johnson. I think basketball works better for him, but he's solid either way.