Ask the Cardinals fans!

This is Jess Root, the guy that runs that one blog that focuses on that one team that hates the 49ers. Wait...that could be a bunch of blogs, right? Well, I run Revenge of the Birds, where we toil in agony as fans of the Arizona Cardinals and long for one decent starting quarterback and hate you all because your team apparently has two pretty all right QBs and that is just greedy.

Anyway...if you have any questions about the Cards, shoot them my way. I will answer as quick as I can and hopefully there will be others who can help answer them as well.

To answer some questions already...we really don't know much about Brian Hoyer. He's been on the team three weeks. He's bald. He feels bad when he throws interceptions. He throws the ball hard. He was behind Tom Brady and he talks about him a lot. Truthfully, we've barely seen him.

Is Ken Whisenhunt going to be fired? Good question. I personally would not be surprised either way.

What else do you want to know?

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