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Golden Nuggets: But really, who didn't expect that?

Friday, December 28th, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the web.


I still have not watched a single second of the game against the Seattle Seahawks. I was out with the in-laws, and it turns out, it was a great decision. I don't know if every single one of you expected the 49ers to come out and lay an egg, but I had a good feeling it was going to happen. So now Justin Smith is hurt and things look pretty bad. Oh well - I'm not going to panic. We're the 49ers. We rock.

Really though, I'm catching up with all of the latest news as, again, I've been focusing on the holidays and my new website. So as I post the links I'll be learning what's happened over ... this past week, essentially. Let's get on with the linkage quick like, yeah? Enjoy.

Smith's possible return tied to regaining strength (Maiocco)

Davis received clearance from independent neurologist (Maiocco)

Hall on horizon? Willis joins elite group with latest Pro Bowl (Branch)

No Justin Smith? Willis picking up the slack (Barrows)

Report: Justin Smith diagnosed with partially torn triceps (CSN)

Adam Snyder: Arizona Cardinals should add Alex Smith (NFL)

Fangio will not change system if Justin Smith is out (Gin)

49ers clarify Justin Smith's injury, hoping for postseason return (Branch)

New 49ers nemesis available to Seahawks for playoffs (Maiocco)

Lopsided loss drops Niners to lowest ranking (Scout)

Which plaoff opponents could be best/worst? (Inman)

Five players who need to step up for 49ers (Lynch)

49ers going to Pro Bowl in pairs (Maiocco)