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49ers vs. Cardinals broadcast maps: Stupid Packers-Vikings!

We take a look at broadcast maps for the 49ers-Cardinals Week 17 matchup


As we head into this weekend's NFL schedule, the league has loaded it up so most of the games with playoff implications will be later in the day. This will keep some sort of "integrity" to the schedule, rather than allowing afternoon teams to bench starters because things have been sorted out. We'll still see a team like the Falcons potentially resting starters, but for the most part, there is still a lot in play.

The drawback to this breakdown is the 49ers-Cardinals game will not be prominently featured for most people. According to our friends at, the game will be airing almost exclusively in the Bay Area and Arizona media markets. For the Bay Area, that basically covers most of Northern California down to just north of LA. For Arizona, that is most of the state of Arizona, and nothing else.

For the rest of the country, Seahawks-Rams will be in the Washington and St. Louis markets, while Packers-Vikings is the national game of the week.