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Monday Night Football game thread: Redskins host Giants in pretty big matchup

We break down the playoff implications of Monday Night Football, and open a thread for discussion.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The 5-6 Washington Redskins host the 7-4 New York Giants in a game that has fairly sizable playoff implications. This Monday Night Football matchup wraps up Week 13, which means we will be a full 3/4 of the way through the NFL season. Time has flown by and the playoffs are fast approaching.

If the Redskins can spring the upset, that will tighten up the NFC East race considerably. The Giants would sit with only a one-game lead over both the Redskins and Cowboys. If the Giants win, they will move into a three-way tie with the Packers and Bears at 8-4. Only two of the three teams can claim their division, but they will all be a half game back of the 49ers.

It is safe to say we want to se the Redskins get the victory. The 49ers head into their final quarter of the season with a fairly tough schedule, which includes games at the Patriots and Seahawks. The 49ers control their situation since they are being chased, as opposed to doing the chasing, but they still have a lot to take care of to finish in a particularly ideal situation.

If you are unable to watch the game for whatever reason, it is being broadcast by Dial Global Sports. They cover all primetime games, and also put a Sunday doubleheader each week. You can find the local station at their station finder.