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NFL playoff picture: Bears remain alive, Giants eliminated as potential 49ers playoff opponents

The Chicago Bears kept their playoff hopes alive Sunday morning as they defeated the Detroit Lions. The Bears can earn a wild card berth with a Minnesota loss or tie. The Vikings host the Green Bay Packers, and will be eliminated with a loss. The Bears win also eliminates the New York Giants from playoff contention.

The 49ers will be kicking off shortly, with their playoff positioning still up in the air. A win secures the NFC West. A win and a Packers win secures the three seed and a home date with the Chicago Bears. A win and a Packers loss secures the two seed and accompanying first round bye.

We don't like talking about 49ers losses, but if they do lose, they would be looking at the three seed if the Seahawks lose, and the five seed if the Seahawks win. If the latter situation occurs, the 49ers would face the winner of the Redskins and Cowboys next weekend in the first round.

I also think the above mention of the Giants elimination cannot be understated. The Giants struggled late in this season, but I think we've see more than enough from them to know they are like Jason when the postseason starts. Getting them out is perfectly fine with me.