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49ers vs. Cardinals: Second quarter open thread

We take a quick look at the 49ers-Cardinals first quarter, and open a thread for second quarter discussion.


The 49ers and Cardinals are heading into the second quarter with Arizona holding a 3-0 lead and driving deep into 49ers territory. The 49ers offense has struggled to get much of anything going as they have gone three and out three straight times to start the game. They've tried to establish the run but had little success. Kaepernick has tried passing and hasn't been able to do much. All in all it hasn't been pretty for the offense.

The defense started out strong, but is having some troubles with Brian Hoyer at this point. The Cardinals have done a solid job establishing the run, and Hoyer has gotten through his progressions quickly enough to stymie the 49ers pass rush. The Cardinals are now sitting with 2nd and 11 and a chance to add to their point total. Given how the 49ers offense is performing, the defense is going to need to bring their A game the rest of the way.