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Golden Nuggets: 49ers in the playoffs edition!

Monday, December 31, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Happy New Years Eve, and Happy Playoffs! Apologies for the delay on the links for today. Aaron was celebrating New Years in Australia last night our time and it was my job to get the links up today. No post-bye hangover, just forgot!

It is indeed a good day, as the 49ers somehow earned themselves a first round bye with their win over the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I think it's safe to say, never bet against Adrian Peterson. That will make the Packers-Vikings rematch up in Lambeau all the more interesting.

The 49ers needed this bye as much as anybody in the league. They need to get healthy, but they also need to sit down and review film from the last two months and figure out what they need to correct. The team has shown tremendous potential, but also some maddening inconsistency at times. Hopefully Jim Harbaugh, Vic Fangio and Greg Roman can all find a little something in the film to clean some things up.

I know these are not all the 49ers-related links because the national media will have had their share to say. Please drop additional links in the comments.

Look who’s coming back for the playoffs… (Bay Area Sports Guy)

49ers are NFC West Champions again (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Postgame analysis: 49ers 27, Cardinals 13 (CBS Sports)

Crabtree shines as 49ers clinch first-round bye, NFC West division (Gin - Examiner)

Kaepernick and Crabtree slowly, but surely, help 49ers by Cards (Branch)

49ers Beat Cardinals to Win the West (

Alex Smith’s snaps filled with drama (Killion)

A playoff-worries starter kit (Ostler)

Jean Francois stands out as cameo ends (Branch)

Flash post-game: 49ers win, clinch No. 2 seed and a bye, contemplate David Akers’ struggles

The 49ers have a David Akers Problem, and pretty soon they’d better have a new kicker (and pick wisely!) (Kawakami)

San Francisco 49ers notebook: Frank Gore sets franchise record with 51st rushing touchdown

San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree dominates Arizona Cardinals Playoff picture set, so let’s see if it’s worth 1,000 words (Inman)

Matt & Mindi: Bye allows 49ers to get healthy | CSN Bay Area (CSN Bay Area)

Jean Francois on Justin Smith: ‘Saddle up. He’s coming’ (Branch)

Akers not assured postseason roster spot (Branch)

Akers not assured postseason roster spot (Branch)

Grading the 49ers vs. Arizona (Branch)

With an assist from Vikings, 49ers celebrate title and time off (Branch)

Seed money: 49ers deliver, then watch Vikings do the same (Barrows)

49ers Better Prepared for Postseason (

Harbaugh: 49ers will ‘evaluate’ kicker position after two more misses by Akers (Branch)

49ers Beat Cardinals, Win NFC West (

Harbaugh on Akers: "It's his job to make field goals." (Barrows)

Kaepernick, Crabtree help 49ers by Cards (Branch)

Niners Win NFC West, Earn First-Round Bye (NBC Bay Area)

Wrap-up: 49ers 27, Cardinals 13 (Sando - ESPN)

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