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Super Bowl XLVII odds: 49ers among the favorites

We break down the variety of Super Bowl odds for the 49ers heading into the 2013 NFL playoffs.

Michael Heiman

The NFL playoffs kick off this coming Saturday, which means we have a variety of gambling information for your perusal. The odds below include odds to win the Super Bowl, win the conference, and odds for the various potential Super Bowl matchups.

The Denver Broncos are 3 to 1 Super Bowl favorites, with the 49ers third at 6 to 1 behind the New England Patriots. The Falcons are just behind the 49ers at 7 to 1. This goes to show just how important that second round home matchup really is. It also says a lot about the view of the Falcons. This strikes me as thinking the Falcons will drop their divisional matchup, and the 49ers will win their divisional matchup, thus setting up another NFC Championship Game at Candlestick Park. I certainly would like to see that, but we'll just have to wait and see.

My favorite part is the odds for various potential Super Bowl matchups. 49ers vs. Broncos is the favorite, which is not surprising given the various odds. That is set at 13 to 2. Here are the odds for various potential 49ers Super Bowl matchups:

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers - 35 to 1
Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers - 70 to 1
Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers - 13 to 2
Houston Texans vs. San Francisco 49ers - 25 to 1
Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers - 80 to 1

Although 49ers-Texans could be a fun matchup, that is the only one that lacks particularly significant storylines. 49ers-Ravens would provide us with Harbowl 2, and the media would go a little crazy on that one. 49ers-Bengals would be the THIRD Super Bowl matchup between these two teams. 49ers-Broncos is a rematch of Super Bowl XXIV, and of course, the Manning vs. Harbaugh/Kaepernick media kerfuffle would be absurd. 49ers-Patriots is a sizable rematch of the earlier matchup, and Harbaugh vs. Belichick will interest people. As for 49ers-Colts? Well, all I have to say is Harbaugh vs. Luck.

Odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII

Denver Broncos 3/1

New England Patriots 15/4

San Francisco 49ers 6/1

Atlanta Falcons 7/1

Green Bay Packers 15/2

Seattle Seahawks 12/1

Houston Texans 14/1

Washington Redskins 18/1

Baltimore Ravens 22/1

Minnesota Vikings 35/1

Cincinnati Bengals 45/1

Indianapolis Colts 45/1

Odds to win the 2013 AFC Championship

Denver Broncos 5/4

New England Patriots 8/5

Houston Texans 7/1

Baltimore Ravens 11/1

Cincinnati Bengals 22/1

Indianapolis Colts 25/1

Odds to win the 2013 NFC Championship

San Francisco 49ers 12/5

Atlanta Falcons 5/2

Green Bay Packers 10/3

Seattle Seahawks 6/1

Washington Redskins 8/1

Minnesota Vikings 18/1

2013 Super Bowl XLVII - Exact Super Bowl Matchups

Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons 40/1

Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers 50/1

Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings 200/1

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers 35/1

Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks 80/1

Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins 100/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons 75/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Green Bay Packers 100/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings 400/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers 70/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Seattle Seahawks 150/1

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Washington Redskins 200/1

Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons 7/1

Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers 17/2

Denver Broncos vs. Minnesota Vikings 40/1

Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers 13/2

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks 15/1

Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins 20/1

Houston Texans vs. Atlanta Falcons 28/1

Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers 30/1

Houston Texans vs. Minnesota Vikings 150/1

Houston Texans vs. San Francisco 49ers 25/1

Houston Texans vs. Seattle Seahawks 50/1

Houston Texans vs. Washington Redskins 70/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. Atlanta Falcons 90/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers 100/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings 450/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers 80/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. Seattle Seahawks 175/1

Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins 225/1

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons 8/1

New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers 10/1

New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings 45/1

New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers 15/2

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks 18/1

New England Patriots vs. Washington Redskins 22/1